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Yea! Good for you...about there also....
Glad you'll be posting here and "about the boy"....miss your writing!! Safe travels Friday!


I loved those Creekside monthly music mixes! Looking forward to seeing you blog again and pushes me to start posting something other than Sunday Shuffles to mine.


Glad you will be back writing. I, too, have missed it as your Mom said. Hurray, also, now "About the Boy" will be back with regular pictures and videos. I am happy.


Trev, I assume this means you landed the job - congratulations! And I love that you'll be back writing here. I don't get on fb ever so, selfishly, this is better for me. :)


BRAVO, BRAVO. Great to hear, my man. Congrats on the job. I'm very much looking forward to the words, the music and all that these new steps will bring.


I should probably quit FB too. I'd save myself a lot of time. Glad you'll be blogging more.


Nobody likes a quitter, Trev.

But then, nobody likes me very much either so I think they cancel each other out. Kinda like if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed but grew up on the right side of the tracks. Strike that first comment.

Good for you, brother!


We'll be looking forward to some blogging
as soon as Will is better.


farewell my friend.

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