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til Tuesday's "The Other End of the Telescope." TLB's a big Aimee Mann fan, and she put that on a tape for me many years ago when we were doing the long distance thing and not sure if we'd survive it. Every time I hear it, despite being very safely married, it brings up a bit of that anxiety, but in a good way.

Happy New Year, my good man.


I only know the Elvis Costello version of that song. I had no idea.

Same to you, Brando.

Cover Your Mouth

For me, Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels on a Gravel Road will forever embody all the heart-seizing moments of falling in and out of love. She is the patron saint of heartbreak, the good and bad kind.


Echo and the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon". I'm old and that song evokes a weird feeling leftover from my punk rock days in the mid-eighties.


Oh boy... I could crash your server with the sheer quantity of examples from my own personal "soundtrack."

I'll just pick one band: REM.

- "Untitled," from Green: the last song on the album. Early high school... I always thought (and still do) that I somehow want this song played at my funeral. "I made a list of things to say, but all I really want to say is hold her and keep her strong while I'm away from here." This song still gets me.

- "Country Feedback" from Out of Time: Junior year of high school driving on a rural road to some peoples' house I don't really know for a "party" I don't really want to go to. One of the most depressing-sounding/produced songs ever. And perfect for someone struggling with a relationship. "You come to me with excuses, decked out in a robe, you wear me out... fuck off... I was central, I had control, I lost my head - I need this... it's crazy what you could've had"

- "Star Me Kitten" from Automatic for the People: One year later, in my bedroom at home preparing a mix tape for my girlfriend before leaving for a week. There are more obvious sentimental choices on this album (Nightswimming, Everybody Hurts) but this song just oozes sexy and desire - perfect for a new relationship. "You are wild, and I'm in your possession. Nothing's free, so fuck me kitten."

- "Tongue" from Monster: Ah yes... it's suddenly fall of 1994, in my first apartment, windows open and fall air rushing in, intoxicated, and recognizing my life changing in huge ways right in front of me. Usually it's more subtle, but that fall was a hammer.

- "New Test Leper" from New Adventures in High Fi: A couple years later, on the balcony of a different apartment, drinking a 40 of Budweiser, getting ready for band practice. I can still smell the air and picture everything as it was in my room. "You are lost and disillusioned - what an awful thing to say.

- "At My Most Beautiful" from Up: Living with my girlfriend in our first apartment, playing hooky from work, marveling at how clean my new place is. The green rayon slip cover is starting to fray, the cat is finally starting to come out from under the bed, and only a couple TV channels come in. Time for a bag of Lipton noodles. "I've found a way to make you smile."

And that's really when I stopped listening to REM regularly.


Damn, Disco. Why'd you shutter your blog again? Don't mistake, it's Creekside's gain, but damn that's cool.

New Adventures in Hi-Fi is linked to a depressed fall for me. I remember my roommate specifically citing that album as one I should quit listening to.

CYM & Churlita: I gotta confess I'm not all that familiar with either artist. Gaping holes in my library.

Prof H

Teej, you absolutely need Echo & the Bunnymen.

While I was never a big fan of them, any time I hear anything by the Sundays, I'm reminded of a really bad relationship I had when I was 19 or 20. I can't listen to them at all. They're still like mental ipecac to this day.

However, Social Distortion and Old 97's (yes, them again) remind me that the bad times are still relatively easy to survive (November '01, TJ). So many good songs to listen to when you're heartsick.


"Achin' To Be" by The Replacements. I listened to it a lot when I was really depressed in the early 90s, desperately wanting to be doing something else with my life than working at Subway. Listening to it now makes me remember how I felt and glad that I left that place a long time ago.

Cover Your Mouth

Lucinda's a different sound than most of what you reference here, and it might take a few listens to fall in love, but you will fall in love. She's one of my standards.


Thanks for sharing, everybody. Those are songs linked to heartbreak or despair, but how about songs that remind you of a time you felt great? Not even bittersweet. Just joy. Those connections are harder for me to recall, anyway.

But I can remember one of the last days of my senior year in high school, rolling out of the parking lot. Warm spring sun, friends, windows down. Jane's Addiction's "Mountain Song" dropping its serious bass line. That song has always sounded like freedom.

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