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I'm still avidly listening to this cd.

traca de broon

Great job with this, TJ! I enjoyed reading and listening to these. And I'm pleased that I've actually heard of this band. Happy new year to you and Nicole!


Me too, EEK. That's why it is where it is in the list.

Same to you and Grendel, Tee dee Bee. Wish we could ring it in with you two.

Cover Your Mouth

Listen, Top 20 albums is really great and all, but that's like $300. Give me the five must-haves of 2006 (and not the Arctic Monkeys just because I hate their album title so much). Thanks.


You're spending way too much for your music, CYM.

G Dazey

yes, Yes, YES!!! I was hoping We Were Set Up would take this spot. A friend gave it to me, and it's been a gift that just keeps on giving (sometimes daily).

Excellent job on the Top 20 in 50. Not only a great idea, but a challenging task executed brilliantly. Your talent shows here as much in the editing as in the writing.

"Introduce characters, their backstories and insights into their futures, set the scene, and throw in a few plot twists. Oh, and make your readers feel something for the characters. Do it in 50 words. Twenty times." Right. But you've managed to pull it off. They're concise but compelling, edgy but subtle.

An interesting challenge (is that an oxymoron?) would be to tie the 20 together somehow in a series of short stories or a novella. Anyhow, hope you'll post more of your writing for us in 2007.

Peace, health, and all things bright and beautiful to you, the IHttW, and your bambino in the new year!


Hey Trevor,

Thanks for the awesomely written coutdown. I loved almost all of your choices.

Happy New Year to you and your soon to be increasing family!


I still have all 65 of my downloads to use in the next 10 days or so and I think I'll grab this. Great job on the countdown and the writing!


great stuff :) good read



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