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You must let some Old 97s into your life, Trevor. Essential listening.

Got another embedded title - "Mr. Grieves" by the Pixies gives the name to the album Doolittle.


Superb call, Justin. Keep 'em coming.


Another Dave Matthews one (hey, you don't listen to a band for that long without some things sticking);

"Long before these crowded streets, here stood my dreaming tree." The Dreaming Tree

Okay song, okay album, great album name. IMO.


And another one. This is fun. Kick it in the Shins!

"I fell into a winter slide and ended up the kind of kid who goes down chutes too narrow..."


I liked Before These Crowded Streets. Man, remember "Halloween" or "The Last Stop"? In 15 years, Dave Matthews will be cool again.

Hard to stop: Modest Mouse's "Bury Me With It" describes the type of person who loves not so good news but gets a different kind of news.


Beck's done it at least twice...

Odelay comes from a lyric in "Lord Only Knows" and Sea Change comes from a lyric in "Little One."


Soul Asylum did it with Grave Dancers Union.

You gotta wonder how they came up with a lyric like that in the first place.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs-"Man"
from Fever to Tell.


I like that Soul Asylum title. Is it a union of people who dance at graves only or very serious dancers who dance in any location?

Great call on the YYYs, Tabber. And yet they don't do it on Show Your Bones. Right?


Interpol, NYC...Turn on the Bright Lights

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