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Great post and topic.

One of my favorite examples of this is "Under the Table and Dreaming," by Dave Matthews Band. With those words tucked quickly into "Ants Marching," it captures not only the passivity of the characters in that song, but the hopefulness of a band about to explode.

And something that has just re-entered my collection after a 15-year absence: Depeche Mode's song "Lie To Me"... "make me think that at the end of the day, Some Great Reward will be coming my way" captures the mood of this album (Some Great Reward) full of people being people, blasphemous rumours, masters, servants, stories of old, and having something to do.

Son Volt kinda does it, too, saying "the melody of riot and the wilderness of oxygen" in "Atmosphere," off the album "Okemah and the Melody of Riot."


Oooh - one more:

"Camera's got them images, camera's got them all... nothing's shocking." Though the song may speak to the ambivalence of a serial killer and a society used to watching ("Ted, Just Admit It"), Jane's Addiction using the words "Nothing's Shocking" as the title of the album is actually a stark contrast to everything from the cover art to the music that certainly shocked my 16-year-old ass at the time.


Excellent additions, especially the Jane's snag. That should've been mine, cries my inner Barry.

EF Matt

ohh, I like this post. well done! I can't really think of any that you missed...in fact all I can come up with is the lyric within "Girlfriend is Better" by Talking Heads, which works when considered from the live album Stop Making Sense. but then, "stop making sense" is sung quite a few times in that song.

EF Matt

oh...right, maybe the lyric from the song "Brain Damage" by Pink Floyd...but then it's said more than once also.

"And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear...You shout and no one seems to hear...And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes...I'll see you on the dark side of the moon"


Thanks, Matt. Those are both really good ones. The phrase/line doesn't have to appear only once in the song. The album title just needs to come from the lyrics as opposed to a song title or somewhere else entirely.

It's funny. I always forget that Floyd song is called "Brain Damage." I think of it as "Dark Side of the Moon."


Another: The Long Winters' "Stupid" has the line, "She laughs when I pretend to fall" and gives the phrase the appropriate amount of emphasis to signal it as the album's title.


This is a bit different, but I really dig the reference that "The Beast and Dragon, Adored" makes to "I Summon You," another track on Spoon's "Gimme Fiction."

Where did you get for so long
I been learning my scene
I been watching my friends move away
I summon my love back to me


I love those instances too. Here I was getting ready to mention The Long Winters but you got to it.

How about Old 97's and "Smokers" which gives the album Drag It Up its title?


And if you think about it, Naster, that "learning my scene" bit could refer to "The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine." That song also namechecks "They Never Got You" explicitly. An interesting song, kind of an argument (in the Greek sense) for the whole album.

I don't know Old '97's (Rhett Miller's gang, right?) as well as I should, Justin, much to Prof H's chagrin. I'll check it out.

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