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Shit, I already realized I forgot Rogue Wave's Descended Like Vultures. Getting this down to ten is going to be hard.


You must be forgetting that Scott Stapp's album came out last week. Jeez. I'd have to throw up some Haughty Melodic, the John Byrd EP, Silent Alarm, and possibly X&Y. Yeah, I know. Coldplay. I invite all the haters to point out the vast differences between the reviled X&Y and the celebrated Parachutes. They do well what they do well.


Oops - Silent Alarm was on there. Maybe I should read.


Agreed, AD, on the Doughty and the DCfC ep. As much as _Plans_ has grown on me, I think I can still leave it off.

I _literally_ haven't heard X&Y. I know I should.

Crooked Fingers _Dignity and Shame_ needs to be on this list, too. Damn damn damn.


I like Plans and X&Y but I don't know that they are quite top ten material either. Dignity and Shame is good too but I don't think that qualifies either.

I'm with you on Spoon, New Pornographers, and The Hold Steady. Fiona is getting there.

Here's what I think you might be missing - Devin Davis, Portastatic, Eels, Stars, and The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers.


Whoa, Justin. You just blew my mind. I've only heard of the Stars and the Eels, but those things that I hear are good.

That last band's name is thirty kinds of awesome, though. I'm guessing from your recommendation that their sound measures up to the promise of the man who wrote 156 episodes of Branded. Too bad about his son's social studies grade, though.


Also, the lists have started showing up. Check out Gorilla vs. Bear's list. It's a good one.

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nice list. i've been meaning to check out that john vanderslice album, i think i will now. thanks.


Here's another good list. Dodge puts the Harvey Danger disc, Little by Little, on his "Top 5 Albums I Didn't Know I'd Like As Much As I Do"--and he's absolutely right.

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