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You suck. Nobody takes blog hiatuses anymore. Hiatii? Hiatusess's?

Why don't you stop worrying about writing and write. QUITTER!


I know what you mean, Trevor. Obviously, my posts have been sporadic at best. I've thought about just stopping but I don't want to let go of it for some reason. At the very least, it will continue with spurts of posts, I guess. Anyway, I've done two this week. That's something, anyway.

Oh, and I'll still come by and check out when you've put something up. Don't disppear on us...


hi...this is the first time iv come across ur blog...just by chance actually..read '100 things about me' really cool! wish u wernt hanging up your boots just yet...well i guess il read ur older entries...u sounded like ur blogs wud b fun to read..wil chek them out now..and do write the occasional blog..best of luck!

T cake

I just spent way too much time catching up with Creekside. I wanted you to know, the old magic is still there.
Keep wringing it out,


it's been over a month. you write now.


me is thirsty for the creek, but the creek is dry...

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