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So what brand of super-deoderant is this?

Due to my job, I sometimes take three showers a day. Since I'm in the water, I don't have to worry about residue though.


Just your garden-variety Gillette Powerstrip (?), I think it's called. Cool Breeze scent. But I'm serious when I say it's a few moments into the shower before my armpits get wet. The stuff should be used to coat seals in case of oil spills.

Justin, you Read That Post. Claim your songs. I'll play What's My Line: Are you a lifeguard?


My wife bought me some sort of hippie deo. I might as well go commando. First of all, it smells like dirt, and it might as well not be there because the energy it takes to apply it pretty much renders it useless. So be thankful for the industrial strength, non-hippie stuff.

Song: you got any Murder City Devils? That's my mood today.


I do, as a matter of fact, Jeff. Any particular tracks?

There are some areas of our lives Nicole and I 've yet to integrate/intrude on since we married. Deodorant is one of them.

The American Mastodon

How about Rod Stewart's "Rhythm of My Heart"?

Oh the rhythm of my heart
is beating like a drum
with the words "I love you"
rolling off my tongue
No, never will I roam
for I know my place is home
where the ocean meets the sky
I'll be sailing

Man, I could sure use that song today. Man, I sure could.


Any track'll do TJ.

prof h

If we're going by how we feel today, how about "Give Me Back My Bullets" by Lynyrd Skynyrd? Or maybe "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy.


It doesn't necessarily have to be how you feel today since they're going up tomorrow, but this is going to be one hell of an eclectic mix, either way.

prof h

Well, hell's bells. Put them on anyway. Add "Ten Dollar Man" and I'll be happy.


Do you have that song about Myla Goldberg from The Decemberists? Any Jellyfish?

As for my job, you're in the right neighborhood. I teach swimming lessons at the Y while continuing to be the at-home parent.

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