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I'm sorry, I just hate it when I lose anything. per


oh, man. I hate it when that happens. "Sorry" seems so inadequate. I'll keep my fingers crossed your F-I-L comes through!! Glad you're back. You've been missed.


A "what's wrong with you?" Wow. I once had a poetry prof tell me to take a poem I wrote out into the quad a bury it. Fun day.

Regardless of whether you get the stories back (and I'm sure you will, in one form or another, whether you want them or not), I'm sure your best work is still ahead.


Thanks. I'm really feeling much better about it. Felt better about it by the end of writing that post. Still haven't found it, though. There's still my wife's office to tear up.

Justin, he really did say that. I'm pretty sure he cared and still does, but yup. Perhaps your prof meant future generations should benefit from your verses.


Man, there's no words. So to speak.

However, I will say that these are the types of posts that I enjoy reading from you.

You're in a new phase of your life, it's time for new writing anyway.

prof h

Well, your thesis still isn't in the library. However, if you really want it, I actually have a copy of it. L found it.

I'll trade it to you for a carton of smokes and a bottle of Beam. Seriously. I started teaching this week.


Prof H, you temptress. I may risk the bootleggin' just to see that ream of paper again.

Prof H

Well, then, keep an eye out for the postman. American Spirit Lights are still my brand.

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