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I was just listening to Cellar Door yesterday, in preparation for the new JV.

Good to have you back!


Thanks, Justin. The Neil Finn is on its way. And yes, very excited for Pixel Revolt tomorrow (and Twin Cinema).

Have you been to JV's site? He's got another track from the new album up there among dozens of other tracks. Including a weird, truncrated remix of "Time Travel is Lonely" with Spoon.


Alas, no JV to be had in Valpo. Sigh. I was by his site a few days ago but didn't get into all the audio available...I'll have to check out that remix with Spoon.

I did pick up Twin Cinema and the new BRMC, which I've heard a few tracks off of.

Oh, and I'll get your Finn out soon.


How's that new BRMC? They found Jesus, I heard.

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