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agent disco

You forgot "Surviving Christmas," that unwatchably unfunny comedy co-starring Tony Soprano with a beard. Hideous. I fear that Ben is one desperate decision away from self-respect's ultimate graveyard: his own reality show. Project Greenlight not included.

prof h

Yep. But going back to TJ's Holmes lament, my better half informs me that she may be appearing with Cruise in Mission Impossible 3. Now that I've engaged in celebrity blog gossip, I can kill myself.


Forget all of that! Did you see the blurb a few stories down from the Daredevil 2 thing where Scarlett Johansson threw a fit because she wanted to be topless in her love scene in The Island? What more can this girl do to make me love her so? Maybe Mark Wahlberg will get to do her on screen before he retires at 40. http://www.imdb.com/news/wenn/2005-08-03/#2


Hast thou abandoned us, Creekside? Where art thou?


Maybe, and I hate to weigh in so very late, but maybe, not content with putting bullets into the heads of two Marvel franchises, Bennifer II are conspiring to kill the whole superhero movie genre out of spite for Batman Begins, the movie Daredevil should have been.

But lest I appear simply to be some comic book geek who wandered in from the wrong frothing fanboy board, may I also say that I was rather shocked at my own sincere dismay at the demise of Bennifer I. If this generation's answer to Kyle MacLachlan's chin and the Ass Queen couldn't make it, what hope is there for any of us? Y'know, other than the fact that we aren't them.


I've been laughing at John's comment for days. From this point on, I will never speak the name of Affleck again. He will always be "this generation's answer to Kyle MacLachlan's chin."

Sure it's going to lengthen some senteneces, but I think it's important to spread this message.

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