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Glad to hear you liked Cloud Atlas. Such a good book.

And I just realized I don't know what you do for a living...but now I suspect it has something to do with writing...

pro h

I hate the semi-colon more than anything. Over-use, misuse, and abuse of the semi-colon is rampant with college freshmen.


Of course, what Prof H fails to mention is the dreaded presence of the colon in student essay titles. Someone told them once that to gurantee an A in the class, you just a colon in your title and the word "juxtapose" (incorrectly, usually) somewhere in your thesis statement. Here are some titles (colon)

"Why Bush is the Greatest President EVAR:
A Sneaky Attempt to Entrap My Professor and Get David Horowitz to Come to My Campus in Five-Paragraph Form"


"Why Bush is the Worst President EVAR:
An Sad and Transparent Attempt to Curry Favor with My Professor in Five-Paragraph Form"

Neither essay is ultimately successful, but you gotta love the little boogers for trying.

prof h

Ah, yes, the spastic colon.

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