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Is Cloud Atlas good?


So far? 150 pages in? Yes.

Worth the hype. And, yes, there was a lot of hype. Home Land-sized hype. But as with Lipsyte's book, Mitchell's book has been worth it.


I listened to the Arcade Fire EP again last night. It's not as instantly catchy as their album but it's really grown on me. No Cars Go is the prize, of course, but for me "Diamonds Like Headlights" is right behind.


The room looks cool. I look forward to getting drunk and passing out on that floor someday. Because I'm still 19.


Justin: That EP is stellar front to back. Thanks for the tip.

CW: You actually made it to 19? I think the last time we hung out you were drifting between 12 and 15; a laundromat dryer was involved. Glad to hear you've matured. I look forward to some insightful discussions about how "dog" is actually "god" spelled backwards and how Pearl Jam just may be the greatest fucking band ever.

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