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I'd like to "gawk & yawn"...what's the tag line for your pics? Went to Flickr and couldn't find them.


Just click on the photo and it should jump you right into the gallery.


Great pictures. Looks like a fun trip. Too bad you died there.

prof h

The wife just finished Haskell's book and loved it, too. I agree with you that it probably isn't a book for a vacation - there are so few that are, especially when travelling with four other guys in a van. His novel, American Purgatorio, is supposed to be really good. I'd read that, but I'm slogging through Cormac McCarthy's Suttree. Like Haskell, beautiful writing, but horribly depressing. Worse than Haskell. I suggest you read it after your long balmy summer has ended. Unless you get laid out with West Nile or Marburg or something. Then depressing novels will be the least of your worries.

The American Mastodon

Great pictures. I love getting up really early and going hiking someplace completely remote and beautiful. The faux-importance of being on a mission like that. Little adventures are fantastic. Especially when you go with cool people. Huzzah to natural beauty!


I recently finished The Egyptologist and liked it pretty well. Not sure how all the reviews didn't see the "twist" ending back when it was originally reviewed...


I haven't gotten to the end yet, Justin. Though I'm still pretty convinced that my guess about the fate of Paul Caldwell is correct. The only thing I'm waiting to see unfold is the fate of Trilipush's "find."

As for reviewers, if I wrote the book with a surprise ending (even one I felt was pretty transparent), I'd be furious if some reviewer either a) spilled it, or b) even hinted that there was a surprise at the end. It's less of a surprise if you expect it. That being said, plenty of reviewers still love to trumpet the "twist" that may or may not be a "twist." I didn't read the reviews when it came out, though. I hadn't even seen or heard of it until the airport (go figure) last month.

Thanks for stopping by.

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