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John Ham

There's no reason not to like The Incredibles. But then, I'm a comic book geek, so my sense of artistic value is probably upside down.

I'm interested to see what you think about Kick Me. I read this book a couple of years ago and found it alternately hilarious and depressing. But having read it really informed my enjoyment of Freaks & Geeks. Which is as close to high art as coming-of-age TV series will probably ever get. I can loan you the DVD set if you're interested. (Is it loan or lend?)

Anyway, keep up the occasional posts and continue to take no crap about their frequency.


By no means did I intend to disparage Le Incredeeblays, John. I think it does more and correctly than a lot of live-action stuff. The "shallow" line is a vestige of an old attitude I'm still trying to get rid of: if it's popular it can't be great. I recognize the stupidity and elitism in that. My apologies.

And you're free to loan, or lend, me your Freaks & Geeks any time. I've heard nothing but great things.


man, Iron Giant and The Incredibles are both absolutely top-notch. Brad Bird is 2-for-2, battin' a thousand.

John Fogerty, for the record, is also awesome, though considerably less animated. my favorite songwriter of all time? dunno. top 3? you bet.

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