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John Ham

But Trevor, you can go to a documentary film festival! It starts today right here in little ol' Iowa City. Check out the Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival. Best part is, it's free. Well, one of the best parts.


John, you rock! Those look like some pretty good choices. At the very least, Sunday afternoon's "Video Race" look interesting as does the Awards Screening right after.

Oh, and I hope they're better filmmakers than they are web designers. The site looks terrible in Firefox.

The American Mastodon

I love me a good documentary. Particularly Gates of Heaven and Vernon, Florida, both films by Errol Morris. I also really liked Stevie, glad you put it up there. I would check out some documentaries that Werner Herzog did, if you get a chance, but I don't know if they're all that readily available. Burden of Dreams is a Les Blanc documentary about the shooting of Fitzcarraldo (Werner Herzog film) that is fascinating. Some gripping legal/criminal documentaries are Paradise Lost and Brother's Keeper. Grey Gardens by the Maysles brothers is fantastic.



Thanks for the recommends, Masto. I've seen Grey Gardens on the shelf for a long time and the cover always kind of freaked me out--this Kennedy that looked like a cross between Norma Desmond and Baby Jane. I'll conquer my fear and give it a shake. Morris's Thin Blue Line set the bar for me on legal docs.

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White Rabbits

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