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That's just brilliant. It's too bad Covey didn't start out with the habits of mediocre people, though. That way, we all could have felt the full ramp-up to greatness.

Excellent post. Somehow, Biff and Tad feel like entirely appropriate spokespeople.


Ouch. Glad I'm not a vacuous B-school grad... yet. You're right, though. I know Biff and Tad - they're in all of my classes. They (and apparently the school faculty, business book authors, the lowly pre-effective reading public, et al) get so excited about tools and mindsets that I like to call... are you ready?...

Common Sense.

There must be a lot of money to be made in constantly repackaging Common Sense. These are not business books. They are (as you alluded to) self-help books. There's nothing inherently wrong with inspiration, but I am personally sick to death of this kind of fluff. B-school is littered with it.


No offense intended, S. I meant those other B-school grads. And anybody hungry for a book to solve all their problems.

How can I get some of this Common Sense you speak of? I'll pay Top Dollar! Just please come up with something catchier of a name--can you somehow work in cheese metaphors? Or planets in the solar system? How about a celebrity to "write" it?


You don't want to know how many times I've almost punched someone in a meeting for quoting from one of these kinds of business/self-help books. Never underestimate the market for stupidity.

prf h

I'm just trying to get over the fact that TJ set up a link to Powell's where you can read reviews. It's called "meaty, readable, insightful" and that Covey has "cutting edge thinking." I guess it never occured to me that so many people ("millions and millions" according to the reviews) think they need this. Then again, I've never worked for a corporation where this stuff is espoused as some kind of gospel.

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