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I always flinch at those cartoons where the woman goes out for groceries, leaving the cat and the dog alone in the house. The dog tries to catch a nap, but the cat begins wreaking havoc and just messing everything up in general and you just KNOW the dog's going to get all the blame when the woman gets home.

Also, Pacific Heights made me really mad. The man who knowingly releases a bunch of pests into my home is an injured (I don't have it in me to say "dead") man.

Me again

Oh, and don't forget about how Oliver was always trying to make Ryan look crazy on the O.C.!


Oh, that bastard Oliver! A thousand deaths are too good for Oliver!

John Ham

Plus there was that whole thing where Tarkin blew up Princess Leia's entire planet! That just seems like taking things too far.


SWF broke the movie taboo of killing a dog and then showing the dead dog. Unacceptable.


SWF also broke the taboo of killing someone with a shoe heel.


Cary Elwes plays a guy in The Crush (which, for a period of time a couple years ago, was on HBO every time I turned on tv) who gets screwed hardcore again and again by Alicia Silverstone, and not in a good way. Plus, his girlfriend gets trapped in a darkroom with swarms of angry wasps. Not cool.

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