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Instead, here, experimental means "inscrutable."


Also, you're more paranoid than a coked-up Oliver Stone follower. Which is redundant.


Your paranoia is understandable. But I think the workshop is better at generating paranoia than actually doing anything to merit it.

As for the decision having been made: not true. Each candidate has their supporters.


I was mostly going for a laugh, Peacemaker, but the story Marcus read was pretty high and inside, you've gotta admit. Plus, as I said, to bill these readings as some kind of public introduction seems a little condescending. Even Shepard's reading--which was very approachable--still lacked any kind of informal discussion or Q&A. What I was really curious about--and am grateful for--is how they were in a workshop setting. So, thanks for the very detailed report. (I guess I have to admit confusion here. After reading your post, I got the impression that this WAS open to the public. Is that so? Damn, damn. I take it all back. Except for the bit about his story.)

NOW I'm really paranoid. The "Iowa Mafia" knows where I live. Am I going to find one of my cats pinned to the wall by a feather-tipped quill or something? Kidding, kidding. Kind of.

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