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The whole evening was... both unusual and unusually good. I've been in the strangest of moods since Saturday morning. Now two days after, I still have the scent of the venue tucked away inside my olfactory lockbox (the liquid soap in the men's bathroom of HyVee smells the same, in case you were wondering), the songs of Rogue Wave competing only with Decemberists for share-of-inner-head-stereo, and a feeling that for the first time in years I may actually NEED to pick up a guitar and barf some stuff out. Not bad for a $9 show. What's important? What endures? "If music is my lover, [you] are just a tease" - indeed.


To be clear... as far as I know, the iTunes EP isn't a demo; it's something they recorded especially for iTunes.


Heh. You said "lockbox."

No, that's cool you got inspired; whatever works, don't ignore the impulse. I think actually talking to the band and seeing just how normal they were was probably the most encouraging thing for me. And I don't even play music.

Thanks for the correction on the source of the track. Those songs are great.

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