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"locked by what I felt I needed to achieve"... hmmm, I have no idea what you're talking about. My college/graduate/workplace experience shares no resemblance. Right.


This does much to illustrate the uselessness aspects of college. It all seems so silly now.

prof h

Hell, I teach college and I think it's silly. I'd never want to be a student again.


Nicole made a good point last night about all this. At the time these things seem life or death, but now they seem trivial or silly.

This same perspective needs to be applied to work.


I think it's easier to get over & recognize the silliness of college because it's a short-term thing (although longer for some of us than for others)... The college tribulations are trivial now because time has passed... perspective has been gained...

With work, at what point do you recognize the silliness? When do you have enough perspective to be able to laugh at it all? Retirement? By then, most of your life's passed by.

But you're right, and I think the lesson here falls under the general category of "Not Taking Oneself Too Seriously."

And on that note, back to work.

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