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I wonder how much time you spend reading on an average day...


Between work (as a copy editor), the web, and books, I read all day, minus the occasional movie or TV show in the evening.

But just books? Anywhere from an hour to two hours a day. Depends on the book. Some weekend days I'll clock four or five hours, though that's rare.

That's the longer answer. The shorter and more glib one is "not as much as I'd like."

prof h

I think you read more than I do. But, hell, when my students read, I find out exactly what the books are about. They're all about sex, drugs, rock and roll - and literature's liberal agenda, right?


Prof H, your students claim literature has a "liberal agenda"?

Christ on a crutch.

prof h

All I know is I'm living a dangerous life with this whole Academic Rights for Conservatives Only. It's pretty obvious I don't like the right wing. However, it actually doesn't matter what comes out of my mouth. They're so apathetic about everything that they don't care what I say. I yelled at them this week about it and they just looked at me like cows chewing their cud.

I'd like to think it's the time I teach (4:10) rather than me.

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